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It’s not hard nowadays to find good quality content writers. For the health and wellbeing sector the issue is not finding a good writer, it’s finding one that understands the message you’re trying to give. 

That’s where I can help you.

Need to know more about me? Find out more on my ‘about me’ page.


Who do I write for?

Ultimately, I can write for anyone who is looking for mental health content.

However my skills and experience are perfectly placed for the following businesses:

  • Gyms
  • Health & Wellness Businesses 
  • Mental Health Organisations and Charities
  • Social Care Providers 
  • Academic Magazines and Journals 

What I offer

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Mental health resources and guides 

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Packages and Rates 

Why am I charging per word?


For everything there is an argument for and against. I’m sure there are many people out there who choose not to sell services per word and that’s great for them. But this works for me and my clients.

Something to remember, I’m a content writer not a copy writer.

The skills of a copy writer are amazing but slightly different to a content writer. I create blogs, develop resources and write longer in-depth articles. My main goal is to add value to the work you already do, or create content that keeps people coming back for more.

A copy writer helps you find the words for ads, marketing and snappy call to actions. Think of it like Beckham and Rooney; same team, different positions.  

If you think you might need the skills of a great copy writer – get in touch I know some fantastic word-magicians.







One off Packages

One off packages made easy so before we even begin we both know where we stand. 

All packs include:

  • Initial consultation call 
  • 2 revisions 

Extras for 4k & 10k packs:

  • Content plan for the work
  • Brand voice session 

1k Word Package – £99

Includes everything you need for a one off blog or article.

4K Word Package – £349

Have a blog series you’d like to publish or some resources you’d like to develop? This 4K word deal has you covered

10K Word Package – £799

The big one. All the juicy words for you to really leave your mark in the content world. 

Monthly Retainers

£300 per month 

  • Free initial consultation 
  • Check in each month
  • Agreed monthly work up to 4k word limit 
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Content planning 
  • Brand voice session 
  • Content creation & development support 
  • Minimum initial sign up 3 months


Interested in working with me?

If you’re looking to supply your audience with some great wellbeing content then use the form at the bottom of the page to get in contact. 

Don’t take my word for it, what has everyone else had to say? 

“I was very impressed with the article Simone wrote on self-esteem. I have now booked Simone to write two more articles. Thanks so much.”



“Second time working with her and again, she thoroughly wrote what my mind couldn’t get out. Thank you and of course, I will return.”





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